Saturday, 25 May 2013

All attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail (Part 2)

We've been in the house now for just over 4 weeks and things are beginning to settle, although I am still working some daft hours. It is possible to now move about in the garage (where all of the excess boxes were stored) without having to climb on things. We're still not completely there, but further on than we were four weeks ago.

The biggest shock has been the fact that although the house is pretty much the same shape as the old one, it is a lot smaller, particularly the size of the rooms. This proved interesting when it came to trying to fit my bed into the bedroom, and there was a fair bit of moving about until we were able to actually fit everything in. But it does make the house quite cosy, and even though we've had a few chilly evenings, we haven't really needed to have the heating on.

Work wise I have been keeping busy working at the hospital doing extra shifts, but I have now heard and been told that I have been appointed to a Reservist Staff Officer post, so I will now get the opportunity to put the course that I attended last October into practice. Very different to being an Officer in a reserve Squadron, but I'm looking forward to the challenges that it will bring. My final function with the Squadron that I have served with and commanded since 2001 will be my formal dining out next Friday. Sadly, I did ask Julie if she would like to come with me but she declined.

It is also unfortunate that there may be a big impact on the way in which we have all served as a result of the events that happened in Woolwich on Wednesday, the reason for the title of this post.

However, I for one will not be intimidated by the actions of two sub-human pieces of shit, who deserve nothing more than to be fed to starving pigs whilst they are still alive. This pair committed this abhorrent crime in the name of a religion. But the sane, right-thinking people of this faith, the majority, join in condemning these scum. And whilst I am proud of the fact that in this country, in law, we have the presumption of innocence, surely the fact that one of these pigs was filmed, holding a meat cleaver whilst covered in the blood of his victim and confessing to having perpetrated the crime, means that they can be referred to as the murderers that they are, rather than "the alleged perpetrators".

I have to say that the Police Officers who shot them have definitely done the right thing in wounding rather than killing them. The reason that I say this is that had they been killed, they would instantly have become martyrs of the extremist Islamic cause. At least with them having survived they will eventually stand trial, and this will give other people who may have been inspired by their actions and seen them as heroes, had they died, to actually see them for the cowards that they actually are.

They are probably too stupid to realise that it is due to the actions of Drummer Lee Rigby, the man that they murdered, and other people like him who have, do and will serve in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, that they are able to hold the views that they have without being detained and tortured, as they would be in the more primitive countries that they want this country to become with their version of "law".

They cannot kill us all.